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Winter Sales 2017 in Rome: when do they start? Shopping tips

When do the Winter 2017 sales start in Rome? This is the question that all lovers of shopping and Rome are asking in view of the end of Christmas and the arrival of the traditional winter sales in the capital.

Many tourists, as well as Rome's citizens, are eagerly awaiting the Winter 2017 sales, but few already know when they start.

Going shopping at the beginning of the sales, both in winter and summer, is the best time to find the best deals, the most beautiful discounted pieces and a wide choice of available sizes.

Furthermore, many guests also choose the Hotel Mozart so that they can shop until they drop, taking advantage of the winter sales thanks to the proximity of our hotel to the most famous shopping streets in the Eternal City, Via del Corso and Via Condotti, lined with designer shops and international clothing chains.

For this reason, we wanted to provide a complete guide to the Winter 2017 sales in Rome, from when they start to valuable shopping tips, with a list of shops near to the Hotel Mozart and advice on how to find the best deals.

The Winter 2017 sales are approaching: have you already booked your room at the Hotel Mozart? Find out about our exclusive offers and choose the accommodation most suited to you, so that you too can take advantage of the sales and all the facilities available at the Hotel Mozart.

Let's look at when the winter sales start in January 2017 and at some tips for ensuring your best shopping trip ever.

When do the Winter 2017 sales start in Rome?
Every year, including 2016, the winter sales in Rome and throughout Italy start in January. The start date used to vary from region to region, but from this year the sales will start simultaneously across Italy.

In Rome, and everywhere else in Italy, the 2016-2017 winter sales will start on Thursday, 5 January 2017, the day before Epiphany.

However, there will be many sales and discounts offered in shops before the start of the official sales scheduled for 5 January 2017. For this reason we recommend that you visit your favourite shops before the start of the sales, so that you don't miss out on buying the most beautiful things at discounted prices, which are usually snapped up on the first day of the sales.

Winter sales 2017: useful tips
As you can imagine, the shops are extremely crowded during the winter sales. Both the Romans and many tourists shop in the sales to buy what they want at a discounted price.

For this reason, shopping during the sales can be fairly stressful. But there are a few little "tricks" that the Hotel Mozart recommends for its guests to enjoy the Winter 2017 sales as much as possible and to help them find the best prices.

- Find out what time your favourite shops opens and get there a few minutes beforehand on the day the Winter 2017 sales start . In this way there will be less people in the shop, the shelves of bags, clothes and other items will still be in order and the assistants will be more willing to help you.

- Go to the shops a few days before the sales start. If you're lucky, you'll already find that what you like is on offer at a discounted price . Otherwise you can try things on and see what you like best, so that when you go during the sales you just have to pay for it. This way, you avoid the inevitably long queues for the fitting rooms.

- Look carefully at the discounted items. Some shops put clothes from previous collections in the sales.

- Check your receipt. Sometimes the discount indicated on the label of the garment you have chosen is not the same as that indicated on the receipt.

Winter sales 2017: the best shops close to the Hotel Mozart
The Hotel Mozart is at the core of Rome's shopping scene. As well as being close to the best shops for taking advantage of the Winter 2017 sales, the Mozart is also near all the most beautiful monuments in the Eternal City.

Here is a list of the best shops to shop in during the Winter 2017 sales in Rome, all of which are close to the Hotel Mozart.

Luxury shops:
Dolce&Gabbana Via dei Condotti, 52

Burberry Via dei Condotti, 61A

Louis Vuitton Via dei Condotti, 13

Max Mara Via dei Condotti, 17

MAX&Co. Roma Via dei Condotti, 46

Damiani Via dei Condotti, 84

Gucci Via dei Condotti, 8

OMEGA Boutique Via dei Condotti, 38

Prada Via dei Condotti, 88/90

Michael Kors Via dei Condotti, 36

Alberta Ferretti Via dei Condotti, 34

Miu Miu Via dei Condotti, 35

Loro Piana Via dei Condotti, 24

PANDORA Store Via Frattina, 86

Alviero Martini Via Frattina, 116

Elisabetta Franchi Via Frattina, 18

Pennyblack Via Frattina, 35

Patrizia Pepe Via Frattina, 44

Trussardi Via Frattina, 42

Moncler Piazza di Spagna, 77

Chanel Piazza di Spagna, 85

Emilio Pucci Piazza di Spagna, 87

Versace Piazza di Spagna, 12

Alberto di Castro Piazza di Spagna, 5

Philipp Plein Piazza di Spagna, 97/100

Longchamp Roma Piazza di Spagna, 82

Casadei Piazza di S. Lorenzo in Lucina, 40

Polo Ralph Lauren Via del Corso, 155-157

Low cost shops:
Sisley Via del Corso, 48

Terranova Via del Corso, 149

Zara Via del Corso, 129-135

H&M Via del Corso, 422

Foot Locker Via del Corso, 39

David Naman Via del Corso, 168

Subdued Via del Corso, 36

Nuvolari Via del Corso, 504

KIKO Milano Via del Corso, 145

Tally Weijl Via del Corso, 114

Goldenpoint Via del Corso, 111

Swatch Via del Corso, 172

Yamamay Via del Corso, 158-159

Intimissimi Via del Corso, 91

Polo Ralph Lauren Via del Corso, 155-157

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